Spelt Vegan Croissants


Classica International has just developed and created the first Spelt Croissant in the world.
Made without Margarine, Dairy, Cane sugar, Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soy and Corn.
It’s 100% Vegetarian / Vegan.
They are deliciously light and crispy, the definition of the perfect croissant!
Croissants are often considered  a decadent treat  due to their rich ingredients ; lots of butter or margarine.
Classica International has created a healthier croissant that is wonderfully fragrant with a light, flaky texture.
The definition of the perfect croissant!
You can now enjoy the world’s best pastry guilt free.
Classica Spelt Croissants are truly delicious but most of all… Healthier,
making them the number 1 choice.
Spelt Croissant Characteristics:

  • The crust is light and flaky; It is extremely crisp, but not crunchy or tough. Each layer of flaky pastry virtually melts in your mouth.

  • The texture is feather-light with many layers. It is soft and moist but not doughy. The layers of dough show plenty of stretch and separate gently from each other when you pull them apart with your fingers.

  • The flavor of our Croissant  is enhanced with a unique natural sweetness, a touch of vanilla extract and muscat.

Preparation: they are supplied frozen and only take 30 mins baking time at 175 degrees.

Specifications: 70pcs x 75g per carton Raw and Frozen -18°  with 12mths best by date.