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Rio Maggio Spelt Beer - Amber 330ML  GLUTEN FREE

Rio Maggio Spelt Beer - Amber 330ML GLUTEN FREE

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Tuscan Artisan Spelt Beer
Made from the oldest grain known to man.

Rio Maggio presents a unique and refreshing new taste.
Brought to you from Italy and produced near the province of Lucca, Tuscany.
Spelt Blonde and Spelt Amber beer offers some of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences in Italian brewing today. These inspiring craft beers have a distinctive complex flavour without that usual strong bitter finish. They delight with their natural sweetness and impressive spicy aroma of pepper, citrus and fresh yellow fruit.

Importantly, they satisfy without the usual bloating effect, consequently making Rio Maggio Spelt Beers one of the most revitalising and rewarding beers within the micro brewing industry.

Rio Maggio Spelt Amber Beer
This artisan beer is top-fermented (beer ALE), unpasteurised, unfiltered, no additives preservatives or stabilisers. The Beer is fermented in the bottle with the addition of yeast during bottling. It presents a hearty white foam, compact and persistent.
The palate is full-bodied and harmonious, with a wide range of fruity aromas with a slight hint of acacia honey.

It's recommended you pour half the content first and then pouring the second half after shaking the bottle gently in order to dissolve the yeast deposited on the bottom.

Type: Spelt Amber Beer
Color: Golden opalescent with copper highlights
Bottle: 330ml
Region: Tuscany (Italy)
Alcohol: 5.5% vol
Serving temperature: 6 - 8 ¡ C
Store in cool, dry place for 24 months of its bottling.
Rio Maggio Spelt Amber Beer received the following awards:

"Category beers with other cereals"
1st place - 2006
2nd place - 2007
2nd place Ð 2008



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