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Rio Maggio Spelt Beer - Blonde 330ML   GLUTEN FREE

Rio Maggio Spelt Beer - Blonde 330ML GLUTEN FREE

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Rio Maggio Spelt Blonde Beer

Type: Spelt Blonde Beer
Colour : Yellow opal
Bottle : 330ml
Region: Tuscany ( Italy)
Beer style : Belgian inspired by the tradition of " Blanches ".
Alcohol: 5% vol
Serving temperature : 6-8¡ C
Store in cool, dry place for 24 months of its bottling.
This artisan beer is top-fermented, unpasteurised, unfiltered, no additives preservatives or stabilisers. The beer is fermented in the bottle. The colour is light gold with good clarity and sparkle, abundant foam intense light and creamy, with a hint of coriander and orange peel.

It's recommended you pour half the content first and then pouring the second half after shaking the bottle gently in order to dissolve the yeast deposited on the bottom.



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