Allow us to introduce you to the best Prosecco in the world,  a taste sensation for connoisseurs.

San Feletto winery is owned by Paolo and Imelda Ceshin and was founded at the beginning of last century. They have been growing, harvesting and making wine especially Prosecco  by exclusively selecting  the best GLERA  grapes for 3 generations.

The vineyard  is located on the hillside along the Pedemontana Route in the area of Conegliano in the region of Valdobbiadene  which is the official designated region for the production of Italy’s finest sparkling wine – PROSECCO.

SAN FELETTO Extra Brut Vintage DOCG won awards in San Francisco 2013 for Best Italian Prosecco  and was awarded BEST ITALIAN SPARKING WINE at THE COOL CLIMATE AWARDS 2016.

It is a sensational sparkling wine, light crisp and dry, very refreshing. It has a low sugar residual of 3% sugar and is low in alcohol – 11%.

Classica is proud to bring you the best Prosecco available.

A clever combination of tradition and technology gives Sanfeletto Prosecco an enchanting fruit bouquet that is in perfect harmony with a floral after-taste.

This exquisite Prosecco offers a balanced taste where the acidity and residual sugar blend into a single sensation that inspires the palate. All of this makes this Extra Brut Prosecco a fine aperitif and a wine that can deliciously accompany any occasion.

  • Glera 100% . Only the best grapes are carefully selected
  • Serving temperature 5-6 ¡ C
  • Alcohol vol. 11.5 %
  • Residual sugar 3% gL
  • Acidity 6g.l
  • Pressure 5 atm
  • 750ml
  • DOCG – Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed

Sanfeletto Prosecco adopts handcrafted procedures and state of the art equipment