About Us

Classica International

Bringing Health & Education through Nutrition

Classica Foods exists for one simple reason, to prevent disease.

That’s what drives our founder, Alfred Abbatangelo to carefully select the right foods for the people who care most about their health. Nothing drives him more than to see the enjoyment and health changes of his customers.

He sources speciality made health foods sourced from only the best Italy has to offer.

In much younger days, Alfred was dramatically impacted by the sudden passing of close friends to a mysterious illness. He decided to investigate what happened and what was the cause, only to find it was termed “cancer” when no-one expert could determine a cause.

Unsatisfied with this, after much further research, it was confirmed that real cause was highly related to poor diet, nutrition and malnourishment.

To ensure health and wellness for his family and friends he went in search for what causes cancer, intestinal infections, inflammatory diseases and found it all points toward malnutrition.

In 1993, the story of Classica began, Alfred Abbatangelo began making a special kind of bread made from pure spelt to help children and young adults with gut infections, through using cultures and probiotics.

Alfred strives to always ensure his customers are not only nourished but educated and informed about the true benefits of healthy living.

From the conception of Classica Foods International, the main focus has been always to ensure the each and every ingredient was the way nature intended it to be.

Classica, a focus back on what’s most important in food, the way we are designed to nourish ourselves and stay healthy.