Anfosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Antipasti

The Ultimate Olive Experience made for Taggiasca olives, the Elixer of Life!

Anfosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Antipasti

Taggiascia olives are produced in the Region of Liguria and are prized as one of Italy’s finest olives. They are small in shape but big on taste. They have a particular delicate sweetness which sets them apart from all other olives and gives them a unique point of difference The Anfosso Estate has been owned by the family and cultivated for generations and they are extremely proud of  their historic 300 year old olive grove.

They produce a  magnificent cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is famous throughout the Italy. This elixir of life is unfiltered and untreated to guarantee it’s natural organoleptic properties. They also produce a delectable range of Antipasti which are also steeped in their magical Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Classica has been working with the Anfosso family for over 25 years and we chose their products because of their superior taste and premium quality.

Anfosso Anti Pasti Range includes :

  • Genovese Pesto ( made with cashew nuts and without garlic  making it  ALKALINE )
  • Peppers filled with Tuna & herbs in extra virgin oil
  • Taggaiscia Olives in Brine
  • Taggaiscia Olives Pitted in extra virgin olive oil
  • Taggaiscia Olive Paste
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil