CLASSICA Organic Spelt (Farro) Milk Drink
A tasty and healthier alternative to Dairy and Soy Milk

A pure plant drink with a light smooth taste.
The launch rides on the back of growing consumer awareness of Spelt, the ancient grain
that contains a wide range of nutrients, including fibre and Vitamin B.
As a fermented product it has a natural sweetness without any added sugar or syrup.
Classica Organic Spelt Milk is a refreshing, indulgent drink that can be enjoyed as a hot or
cold drink or poured over cereal. A great accompaniment to cooking and baking.
For coffee lovers this milk froths incredibly well for professional Baristas.
Useful for preparing cakes, custard creams or sweet sauces.
Extremely easy to digest and particularly suitable for those who suffer from milk intolerance.
Spelt is loaded with essential nutrients that promotes optimal health. Key Benefits

Made from 100% FERMENTED Organic Wholemeal Spelt which is also ALKALINE.
Spelt is a nutritious ancient grain, the perfect drink to start your day.
Rich in Vitamins, Protein, Fibre, Minerals, Calcium, Selenium, Iron & Amino acids
High in Vitamins B2, B12, B17, Manganese, Thiamin, Copper, Magnesium & Zinc
Versatile and free from flavourings
Valuable source of insoluble fiber. Particularly beneficial for lowering blood cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.
No Lactose, Fructose or Cholesterol
Suitable for Diabetics and Vegetarians
No Artificial Additives
Free of Preservatives
No added sugars
No milk-protein
Low in fats
Low G.I.